Sunday Seekers

The children’s group, the Sunday Seekers meet at

10:45 in Penedes on the second Sunday in the month


11.30 on the last Sunday of the month in the Sala in Madremanya. They explore the Christian Faith in an interesting and fun

From time to time the Sunday  Seekers take part in the Church  service in St. Stephen’s

They are a lively and friendly group and would welcome new members.

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  Our next meeting is on Sunday 29th October at 11:30 in the Sala in Madremanya.

Can you come and share with us??

Dear Seekers Mums and Dads.
We are meeting in the Sala in Madremanya on Sunday.
This will be our time together:
Never stop learning! if we do we soon forget what we already know.
Thank you God, you have made the world full of things to discover and learn.
Teach us that we never stop learning.
Activities: Traffic lights.
 Special Colours  Blue is a very special colour that  God put into the world.
Thank you God  for blue sky, the sea, the flowers and of all your blue creations which remind us of your love.
We Hope you can come,we will have a fun day, learning and singing.
If you can before you come
Go on to You tube  and look for “Deep,deep,deep” a  Christian dance song for kids.
It is the first one on the page.  Ask your parents to help you find it.

Love and blessings     


  Ann Rose.

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