Sunday Seekers

The children’s group, the Sunday Seekers meet at

10:45 in Penedes on the second Sunday in the month


11.30 on the last Sunday of the month in the Sala in Madremanya. They explore the Christian Faith in an interesting and fun

From time to time the Sunday  Seekers take part in the Church  service in St. Stephen’s

They are a lively and friendly group and would welcome new members.

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We are now in the season of Epiphany.

EPIPHANY means “showing”.

It is the time when Jesus was shown to the Wise Men. They came bringing gifts to the Baby Jesus. In Spain it is a very big festival, when children receive their presents. We remember the gifts of the Wise Men; Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Gold – because they recognised that Jesus was a King.

Frankincense – because they came to worship Him.

Myrrh – because they knew that like all humans there would be times in His life when he would suffer.


Anne sent this story for you all as she could not join you on Sunday for your Seekers Event


                      “The Haunted House”


The children played together in the gardens of the houses in the road.  Each house was different,  built at different times, and in different styles but most of them had a few trees in the garden, so the children could climb.


There was one old house which frightened them. It was a large unpainted house named “The Manor”. The people who had owned the house had gone to Australia, Now it looked neglected, with dirty broken windows. The garden was overgrown with bushes and weeds and in the dark the wind made a creepy sound and the moon shone back as a reflection from someone at the window.  The owls hooted and the cats in the garden and the rusty gate made  noises. The children named it the “Haunted House”


One Spring day the children returned from school, to see a large removal van outside the house.  Someone had moved  in, and a baby’s pram was at the door and two sisters Wendy and Kelly were in the garden playing. A week later the children were asked to come for a visit,  the children trembled with fear and said to Wendy and Kelly

“Don’t you know, that your house is a haunted house?”

But when they went they had A Surprise!!.  The walls and windows were  painted bright colours, a friendly  fire was  burning and mother was baking angel cream cakes .

We thought this house was haunted said the children

Wendy and Kelly’s mother  pointed to a framed verse on the wall.

“Christ is the Head of this house.

The unseen guest at every meal.

The silent listener to every conversation”


The children never ran past the house in fear again, They believed that if the presence of God filled the house, then that made it a happy house.



Heavenly Father we thank you for our home, and school.

If we are ever frightened teach us that although we cannot see our Lord  he is always near us to keep us safe.

May we have faith in him.



I hope you liked the story,

I am looking forward to Sunday the 28th at Madremanya.

Love and  blessings.

Ann xx









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