Who’s Who

Who’s Who?

John and Anne 2

Anne Jenkins (Priest in Charge) with John Copestake (Reader Emeritus)

Sharon Grant  Lay Assistant and Licensed Reader


Carol Wilkinson and Gill Hepworth


Tim Raine,  Assistant Church Warden

Church Council




David Wilkinson (Secretary to the Church Council)
If you want the Council to discuss something important then let David know.




David Hurley (Treasurer)
David is responsible for the accounts.





Anny Linell
Anny has great media links and works with others on publicity.



Ann Rose
Ann looks after our Sunday School, “The Sunday Seekers”




Kevin Hepworth is one of our musicians




Keith Grant is our missions link person











Jean Satori  and Melissa Levey are a council members and Melissa and Sharon are our Synod Representatives.


The music at services is led by

Mark and Kevin 2

Mark Hinchcliffe   and Kevin Hepworth  


 and Sarah Meere