The Missions we Support

We support the charity “In Ministry to Children” in Columbia. This is a charity well known to some members of our congregation.

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Chris and Carol came to our Harvest festival on September 28th 2014 to speak about the charity and to meet members of the congregation. Since then we have given regularly to support the work.

The following is an excerpt from their website.

“Established in 1997, “In Ministry to Children”.  is a Christian charitable foundation providing relief and support for children in Colombia who are at risk through poverty, neglect, abuse or violence.

What do we do?

  • Work with communities in marginal locations.
  • Identify families most at risk, due to poverty and violence.
  • Offer support for the parents:
    • liaison social worker
    • micro-enterprise (household businesses) for the unemployed
    • help with parenting skills
  • Provide essentials for the children:
    • assistance with access to education (school uniforms and books)
    • psycho-social support
    • medical and health checks
    • nutrition programme (providing healthy meals everyday)
    • spiritual nurture

How do we do it?

Through our partner foundation in Colombia, which shares our Christian ethos, we serve…

  • Crisis care placements for children in immediate danger – in household units with dedicated houseparents
  • Community-based programmes – assisted by volunteers and local churches – liaising with municipality and local businesses

…all overseen by professional Colombian staff, committed to excellence in their work.

We work hard to ensure that the funds raised are used to the very best effect. We aim to keep our admin overheads in the UK to around 5% of funds raised.”

We will get regular updates from the charity about their work and be able to see how our donations help.  We have pledged to give 1000 euros each year.  This does not come from our general funds but has to be raised by the congregation and friends.  I hope some of you will get enthusiastic about the project and hold small fundraising events in Spain or even a coffee morning in the UK.  David Hurley has opened a separate account for Columbia.  If you need more publicity have a look at the website-, or contact Keith and Sharon Grant.



We also support the Girl Child Education Project of TAWODEP  in Northern Ghana.

TAWODEP is the Talensi Area Women’s Development Programme .  It was set up in 2002 in a very poor area of the North East Region of Ghana. The project works in 20 villages with groups of village women.  They are helped to work co-operatively on micro-credit projects to improve their economic stability and to help their families.  Many of them are widows with little support.

The Girl Child Education Project supports girls and young women from the area who have the chance to go on to Secondary or Tertiary Education but could not go because of their inability to pay the necessary fees.

Some of the members of our congregation support individual young women and have pledged to see them through their education and training.

If you would like to know more, or perhaps become a donor ask Anne or Moira for more details